360 Immersive

  • More realistic ad experience
  • Higher user interaction with interactive features
  • Option to advertise different features of the product with the hotspot feature
  • Higher ad detection (4x more interaction - 2x more click-through rate)
  • Full-screen option
  • Fast creative support

Demo Link

Video Giydirme

With GoClick Video Player Skinning, you deliver only on Viewable impressions on preroll networks.

Creative support for this format is also provided for brands. If preferred, it can be used on Youtube or on a different UGC network.

  • x2 Interaction
  • x3 VCR
  • x2 Click

Demo Link


Video Vertical

According to researches, the vast majority of users use their mobile devices vertically. Viewing ads also has a fairly low percentage of horizontal positions.

Video Vertical is also engaged at this point. With this format, it has been seen that VCRs have increased by 80% in world wide campaigns.

You can also use Video Vertical format to advertise on Instagram Stories and Snapchat..

Demo Link

Smart Video

  • Higher interaction
  • Multi-site rich media broadcast without the cost of operations
  • Playing video even when banner state
  • "Viral" support via social media link
  • Ability to coexist TV spots with desktop
  • Video + CTA
  • Simultaneous rich media performance optimization..

Demo Link